by The Malice

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released January 25, 2018

Guitars-Bass-Drums-Baglama-Oud- Hubbe Liljegren

Vocals- Claudio Enzler

Mixed and Mastered by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec studios Malmoe Sweden

Vocal engineering and recording
by Wolfgang Nillies Stuttgart Germany

Cover art by Markus Sigfridsson Borås Sweden

Music and lyrics by Hubbe Liljegren


all rights reserved



The Malice Sweden

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The Malice is a deathmetal band from Sweden/germany. Founded in 2015 by Hubbe and Claudio . Released the EP malevolent creature of kings (2016) The Single Enlil (2016) and the upcoming EP Lamashtu that will be released in early 2018! ... more

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Track Name: In the light of Asag
A ritual performed in sacred sufferance
an assembly by sons of the beast . . .
gathered together in determination
to rejoice in a flagitious feast

Knowledge proclaimed by the first born of gods
to oppose the rules of sanity . .
burned by the rays of the glorious sun
to be punished and enslaved by humanity. . .

the blades sharpen in the light of ASAG
to welcome the plague of the land . . .
Rejoice in violence
if u refuse this vital demand

. . .Asag. . .Asag. . .

fulfill the pledge that once was set ,
by the elders (of) the sumerian kingdom. . .
As ishtar impregnates , the soil of humanity
and acknowledge the purest of wisdom. . .

rejoice in violence , hate and despair

In the light of Asag, I shall have my revenge

Their wounds will not heal
as Asag inherits their souls . . .
emetic water will not quench their thirst
affected by this vicious ghoul. . .

In the light of Asag, I shall have my revenge
In the light of Asag , there lies my reverence. . .

the mass is fulfilled to contentment
as i unleash my demons inside me. . .
strengthened by the gods
i taste the sweet. . .
wine of victory
Track Name: Lamashtu
A deformed creature born in the dark
with a shape of a disfigured form. . .
Conceived by a whore from the ancient world
an evil begins to transform
piles of bodies, ripped and deranged
covers the soil of retribution. . .
vile and malignant screams of pain
to the fate of a final execution

sulphur and hellfire awaits the path,
who doubts their written word
a truth outspoken by lunatic priests
with a voice that sounds absurd

Lamashtu bring them famine and plagues
let them feel the sweetest of pain
kill the unborn , fertilized in greed
your will is my domain. . .

the talisman cannot save u from her death
shattered in a thousand pieces.
embrace your fate , today is the day
when your corpse is drowning in feces

Gaze to the star of Apolyon
As the dark night takes away your breath . .
Born is the creature of Lamashtu
To give you the gift of death . . .

An astral projection is performed,
to become the beast of the morning . . .
Inherit the soul of the chosen
to seize the day of reckoning. . .
Track Name: The Nimrud Assignment
king of desultory. . .
lurk in your dreams of madness. . .
blackened by grief
crowned by the queen of Hades . . .
grief to the mortal flesh. .

conscious alertness ,tribulation,
awake in the state of mind. ..
baptized in evil, raised in wrath,
and wears the malevolent sign. . .

A search for cure, defeat the presence,
to the venom that infests the vein.. .
Speaks to the herd in different tongues
praised by the insane. . .
. . .praised by the insane. .

Submurged in the flood of tigris
In malice we torment your soul. . .
The Nimrud assignment
to achieve and to control . . .

the messenger of darkened judgement. ..
a veil that blinds humanity
the source to eternal torment. . .
give birth to ancient cruelty

possesed with the dragons breath
in fire u must endure. . .
embraced with evil prescense
to a sickness with no cure. . .

Eyes to see and ears to hear,
who dare to testify. . .
Calamitous deeds assigned
to kill, plunder and purify . . .

kill ,plunder and purify!
Track Name: The pestilence of Ibra
Morals preached to minds of fools
taught by a scripture of lies . . .
Armed with blades of hypocrisy
to a self inflicted demise. . .
..the pestilence of ibra, infects the core of your kin. ..

Sworn to obey the prophet of Ibra
as slaves they bow to his will. .
instructed to force the word of fiction
with a gruesome will to kill. . .
Burning bodies to justify the fate
with gruesome force ,die with righteous hate. .

destruction of demigods
a threat to their state of purity. . .
Desecrate the heathen man
and cover it all in obscurity . .
gnostic thoughts, pleasures of flesh
a taste, and hell awaits. . .
the pestilence feeds of fear
chaos it creates . . . .

U rape each mind
to bow down for your deceptive praise. . .
abuse the pagan
and watch their corpses ablaze. . . watch their corpses ablaze

Retaliation lurks in the darkest of shadows
Your final time has come. . .
tongues of filth , silenced by truth
Justice will overcome ..

The pestilence of Ibra

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