Legions of the dawn

by The Malice

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Karan S
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Karan S Fan-fucking-tastic brutal death
Gustavo Enzler
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Gustavo Enzler Awesome mix of technical deathmetal, brutal & fast, spiced up by mystical tunes from the far east using original instruments. Catchy riffing supported by most brutal screams, grunts and growls rarely heard. The Malice have set a new benchmark for nowadays deathmetal-scene! Can't wait to see them live on stage!
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Arise! Prince of darkness descent To a life with absence of sun . . . Awoke by a bloodlust and violent hunger Murderous deeds have begun. . . Admired is the beast independent of tide An astonishing beauty of creatures. . . provided with insidious features. . . A virgin of noble descent is in sight veins that tickle the need.. . seduced and lured into a confluence the strong obsession to feed A slow death awaits its prey as the fangs penetrate her neck. . . a diabolical bloodshed an act of delight her last breath slowly effect Rigor mortis sets in a sight to behold a work of art to attest. . . A lifeless corpse to admire her mortal life) laid to rest The children of the night , the heirs of Sekhmet nothing can shield their will. . . an urgent need to kill
Witchery 03:26
In the vaporous mist, i mock the light A deed to nurture the blissful dawn. . . Screams of anguish deafen the solemn forest , as i torture the prophets of Zion . . . Impeached by an assembly of hypocrites denied my heritage of the wild .. . Blessed i am to taste their treacherous sin to their words i am not beguiled . . .to their words im not beguiled. . . A lost soul to their faultless teachings of truth im doomed to an eternity in agony. . . As i harken the word of the lunatic zealot I prosper in my rapture of blasphemy Accused of the laws of dreadful witchery , condemned to the fate of death. . . But beware my act (of) modus operandi That can suffocate the last of your breath I refuse to be impeached of my gift to perform the secrets of the black art . . . with pride i wear the Devil's mark
Purson 03:33
The symbol of heresy is marked in the flesh Tag the children of the dying sun To their teachings I was betrayed as the sorcerer prepares for the act. . . To salute the king of Gehenna sealed is the sulpherian pact. . . Blow the horns for Purson As he enters our mortal sphere. . . Riding on an ancient, gruesome bear. . . Served by legions of the dawn Shaped is the head of a lion unravels the tongue of the devious A spell of pestilence rests in the dark Salute the monarch of the infernal Bodies burned to ash the plague forever eternal selected by lords of the new church in awe we witness the birth. . . Reveal the treasures that were hidden for the unseen eyes to see a spirit laboured by the ruler of Tyre In virtue and vengeance I call upon thee
A new dawn is rising in the aeon of Osiris thus self sacrifice is fulfilled The remains of a dying god, impregnates the soil Universe reborn and rebuilt Darkened is the sky of a new era The era of mankind guided by their own thelema In reverence the mission was assigned Cosmic chaos , the sanity obscure to search for the black flame. . . manage to reach the Aeon of Horus visions no one can ever proclaim The beast is unleashed inside as it grasps for the knowledge of reason Abrahadabra reveal the unknown In another life i was the decedent A voice in the distance is calling the compassionate inflection of Aiwass. . awakes the Nephilim with the enochian tongue to address the announcement for the mass In virtue of the golden dawn to access into the paranormal. . the inner black flame to the immortal
Paimon 03:49
A rumbling sonance of evil an entity lurks in the distance the scent of sulphur and decay are approaching As Paimon reveals his existence A malevolent spirit of the ancient world the child is prepared to be sacrificed . . Crowned by the fallen , formed in hell The sacred oath is (galvanized) (jani) Beheaded bodies , torched pieces of flesh Building piles of fear in their heart ravished by this dark monarch Open wounds, infested with vermin a soma that never heals Possessed by this spirit of agonizing plague treasures of the occult it reveals Paimon. . . Paimon oh Paimon we praise thy might As we are sworn to be your servants Show us your mercy , and spare us our lives as we witness your great occurrence
The Ophidian 04:07
A child is born in the abyss of Midian with eyes of a malicious hound. . . A creation made by folks of the wicked Gruesome , violent and hell-bound! Lives on cadavers and rotten carcass He grows a strength, known to man Razor sharp teeth and a hideous rage He summon the fear of the land Waiting for his prey in the nearby fen a bastard son of the fateful . . . the sweet taste of innocence a destiny to victim so fatal the son of Midian 2X Torture and strangulation ,picked out eyes a modus fortified since birth Strong is the will for the passion to kill A fate that can end in a hearse Son of the mother Keturah . . adultery performed in clandestine Lured by Abalam to grateful pleasures Defeated is the patriarch of Canaan The son of midian
Possessed 03:41
Come to arms you treacherous sons and prepare the battle at hand. . . Claim the birth right to your legacy and wear the mark of the necrogram Cross the fields of Sodom our arrival claims their land Blessed are the gods of men! In glory and hate we stand The slaying of souls has begun as we stand in the soil of wrath In gore and corpses we proclaim our victory and rejoice in the vicious bloodbath Possessed by the light of Gabbath we march towards our goal. . . Raptured by this spirit of war we silently approach. . To grasp its wisdom of pleasures and to see what it treasures drink the wine that was forged in hell to excecute thy death knell Let them who have understanding, those who can see the beast. . By grace they are the unleashed. . . thus spake the spirit of Gabbath The conqueror of the unborn. . . in dark light of wisdom . . im forever forlorn
Bebal 03:18
Released is the imprisoned spirit of hate chained for aeons in cosmos. . . With a lust for vengeance (a) desired violence evokes prepare the mass for the ritual the incarnation of Bebal the light of day, no longer visible. . . await the meeting of the ancient one He who lived before time. . . succumbed to the unholy communion Our souls in reverence consigned. . . Raise the chalice in awe of vengeance and break the bread of sorcery. . . a reminder of our independence to perform acts of devilry Observe this creature of cruelty Reborn in power and might The prophet declares its new birth as the light turns into night. ..


Mixed by Jani Stefanovic at Dream Decipher Studios

Recorded and produced by Hubeister Liljegren at Temple ov Set Studios

Vocal engineering/recording by Wolfgang Nillies

Mastered by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec Studios

Layout and design by Alexandra Dahlberg and Jani Stefanovic

Logo Design by Karl Walfridsson

Cover by Remy Headsplit Design

Record label Satanath records with a co/release by More Hate Productions


released March 25, 2020

Our friends and family! ! Jani for all help with the mix over the years. Uffe for great mastering. All fans who has supported us over the years. U guys fucking rock!! Wolfgang Nillies for helping us out with vocal recording. Aleksey at Satanath records for believing in our work of the extreme art of music! Ryan Parmer for help with proof reading. Alexandra Dahlberg for layout and design to our social media. Bilda for cultural finances. Aleister Crowley, Temple of Set, Dion Fortune, Dragon rouge and the humanistic movement for inspiration. All bands we have met through the years with support and brotherhood! We love u all Cheers


all rights reserved



The Malice Sweden

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The Malice is a deathmetal band from Sweden/germany. Founded in 2015 by Hubbe and Claudio . Released the EP malevolent creature of kings (2016) The Single Enlil (2016) and the upcoming EP Lamashtu that will be released in early 2018! ... more

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